Love is a practice of relational self-awareness.

We do that here.

Love is a practice of relational self-awareness.

We do that here.


So... is it Jess or Vega?

So…this is a yes, and yes kinda thing. I prefer to be called Vega, but my full name is Jess Vega.

And if you want to get mom specific about it, it’s Jessica Jean Vega or apple dumpling, sugar pie, pudding plum (punkin for short).

I’m watching my blood sugar crash as quickly as finish that mouth full. 

Fun fact: I learned recently that Vega means intensely rushing river in Sanskrit. Fitting 🙂

But enough about me for now.

What's Tantra? I'm still not entirely sure.

Check out this video I created called “What is Tantra.” It gives you a short and sweet overview of Classical and Neo-tantra (aka Tantrik sex).

Why do you do this work?

The short answer…Cuz fuck performative love. We’re on this planet for such a short time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

To hide yourself away, to loose yourself, and to put on a show to get some semblance of “love” is a bona fide pain in the ass and waist of my and your time. 

There was a time in my life where I just became who everyone needed me to be, and let me tell you, it never got me the love I wanted. What a body numbing and soul sucking experience. 

Never again!

The long answer... find it in this 8 minute video. Worth every minute. 

What's your coaching style?

My style is best suited for someone who’s looking to strike a balance between science/intellect and mystical/spiritual wisdom.

I was formally trained as a coach in the  VITA™ method, but I also draw on the many modalities I have studied and practiced over the past 10+ years. You can expect to experience:

  • Tantrik yoga inspired meditations 
  • Modern neuro-science based meditations
  • Neo-Tantrik sexuality work
  • VITA™ Breathwork
  • Emotional regulation techniques 
  • Hands-on body work with yourself and/or your partner
  • Parts work 
  • Non-violent communication 
  • Nursing science (factoid: I was a RN for 6 years). 

How does it all work?

Here are the steps:

1. Schedule your consult here

2. If we’re both a hell yes…over the next 6 months, you’ll learn to become more of yourself in relationship – not less.

3. Reap the benefits of deep, authentic, and meaningful connection in relationship with a sense of confidence, ease, and trust.

So much yes to all of this. What do I do next ?