About Me

I bet you’ve learned a thing or two about how true love is not meant for you.    

Yea, Me too…

No matter the flavor of your childhood trauma, its impact (e.g. inability to attract and sustain soul level love) is often palpable, painful, and persistent 💔. 

You see, as a child and teenager, I experienced many years of neglect and abuse. My parents loved me the best they could, but they suffered from addiction and mental illness.

I quickly learned that it was not safe to be in my body and definitely not safe to trust others. So my body did what any smart body would do – it shut down my erotic impulses and concerned itself with all things practical – aka survival mode!

Along with that went my sense of aliveness, self-love, and ability to be in healthy relationships (insecure attachment to the MAX).

I often felt like an outsider, not knowing who I was or what I wanted, so how could I even ask for it? I felt so alone.

Boy was that a shitty time in my life. I was so dissociated, I literally felt broken. Being the determined, resilient, philomath I am, I did it all: hormone blood testing, sex therapy, psychotherapy, antidepressants, psychedelics, multiple personal development seminars, etc., and while I was evolving, it was gradual progress.

Then enters my sex, love, and relationship coach and teacher Layla Martin. I found her online one day after a very saddening sexual encounter, where again, I was convincing myself that I was IN FACT broken.

I think I Googled something like “How to Orgasm,” …oh the pleasures of the internet, and there this woman was explaining sex and love from a perspective that I had never considered before, a Tantric perspective. 

What a revolutionary idea… modern day coaching based in ancient Tantric Wisdom? Yes! My state of awareness and aliveness up-leveled in a matter of months, yes, months…and it just keeps getting better!

Today, no part of my day goes untouched by the magic of Tantric wisdom. Thanks Layla. 

My transformation is nothing short of a fucking miracle – and I’ve seen a few miracles in my time.

The most magnificent gift that Tantric wisdom has bestowed upon me is the deep knowing that…

I am a creature of love and pleasure, that I am whole and powerful, and that I am inherently worthy of experiencing that reality.

These truths permeate all that I am and allow me to experience a richness of life in a way I never thought possible. For this I am eternally grateful 🙏🏼. 

What a great honor it is now to collaborate and co-create with you; To dive deeply into your dreams with this revolutionary coaching method. It is truly my pleasure and desire to see you thriving in love, because my love,  you were born for it! 

Are you ready? Let’s do this!