How to change your partner’s behavior

I’ll give you a sec to move past the eye roll and disbelief…

Ok, ready?

First, yes, it’s possible. And second, I’m gonna teach you how to change your partner’s behavior. Maybe not in the way you imagine. You can’t just wave a wand…and poof…all of the sudden they’re able to pick a freaking Netflix show with you in under 10 minutes. But stick with me here.

Alice Walker said, “The most common way that people give up their power is thinking they don’t have any.”

Pure genius πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ And… more on this in a sec.

When you think of power, what words come to mind first? Think ink blot test, don’t over think your responses. Just blurt them out.

What naturally popped out of my mouth was money and status. Cuz…influence right?

The all too common belief that we’re not inherently whole makes it’s easy to think that power as something external to us. Something we earn, are given, or accumulate over time. So many of us walk around thinking we have no power, or that our power is at the mercy of these external energies.

Here’s something our buddy Alice understood and I want you to tap into as well…

Your power isn’t external to you. It’s not tangible, and it cannot be taken away.

Because being exactly who you are, showing up in your truth, and standing in your authenticity…that’s your POWER.

Think about it. When do you feel least powerful?

When you play small and feel small? When you’re performing? When you’re trying to be liked? When you’re not seen? I’m sure you can tack on a few more here.

What does all of this have to do with changing your partner’s behavior?

Ok, so it’s true that you can’t force your partner, or anyone for that matter to change on a whim. Force is manipulation anyway…and that just feels yucky.

But, and this is a big but…when you consistently show up authentically with those around you, you can actually train them to show up in ways that align with how you want to be treated.

This influence is based in compassion, love, and respect. The best kind of influence in my opinion.

For deeper guidance on how to use your authentic expression to change your partner’s behavior, check out my video below.

How to change your partner’s behavior