Be seen. Be met.

No more hustling for unrequited love.

Be seen. Be met

No more husteling for unrequited love.

Then you're gonna want to get your hands on this.

What if I told you that being seen and met is a practice that you can master?
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All too often we women feel unseen and unmet in our romantic relationships. We end up in one relationship after another with men who are unavailable or incapable of loving us with the depth and devotion we ache for.

We often end up settling for a downgraded version of our dreams only to loose ourselves in the process. This cycle is draining, gut wrenching, and confusing as hell.

You begin to wonder… Is the real, deep, all in love that I seek even possible? And in a moment of panic you think… oh gaud, will I forever be abandoned and alone? Fuck!

Hi, I’m Vega. I coach women to break the self-abandonment patterns that sabotage their ability to be seen and met in relationship – so they can finally attract their energetic match and ally in love.

What Clients Say

– Caitlin • Doctor of Physical Therapy, Small Business Owner, Dark Chocolate Enthusiast

– Travis • Engineer, Outdoorsman, Woodworker

"Our sex life has blossomed since our first coaching session with Vega!

We came into our first session with some frustrations and a sex-life that felt uninspired and disconnected. With Vega we felt so safe to explore what was blocking us – she made it possible to communicate about our challenges and our desires in a way that felt connecting and free of judgement.

Her presence and expert facilitation helped ignite a deeper connection and passion between us and we’ve been enjoying the benefits ever since 🍆😉

We are so grateful to Vega for opening us to new possibilities in our love life and giving us the tools to thrive!

You don't have to wait for him to change.

Be seen. Be met. Now.