Be more you in relationship
not less.

Be more you
in relationship
not less.

Love has a funny way of making you feel like you’re too much or never enough.

When you’re swallowed up by these beliefs and the icky feelings of powerlessness and distress that come along with them, you attempt to earn love by becoming who they need you to be.

This is heartbreaking because not only do you lose yourself along the way – but you sacrifice the authentic and meaningful connection you long for.

Loving someone else shouldn’t come at the cost of self -abandonment and self-sacrifice. Love should inspire you to be more of who you are in relationship….not less.

Do you have the tendency to neglect your own needs and desires to please and accommodate your lover – aka lose yourself in relationship? I’ll coach you out of the self-sabotaging habits that undermine your sovereignty in relationship so you never have to trade yourself for love again.

What Clients Say...

"It's what I had hoped traditional therapy would've been like - but never was..." - Lauren

☞ "Vega made it possible to communicate about our challenges and desires in a way that felt connecting and judgement free - our sex life has blossomed since."
-Caitlin & Travis

☞ "I had a profound emotional experience in every single one of our sessions. I now have access to and a loving relationship with my whole self - even the parts that I used to think were broken, useless, and holding me back."

☞ "I feel like I'm finally off the escalator of life! My anxiety has lessened and I feel like I'm in control of my decisions and my life. Her grounded kindness and balance of science and spirituality were key for me!

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